What is the Multiplication Tables Check

The MTC (Multiplication Tables Check) is an online UK government test where pupils are presented with 25 questions on the times' tables from numbers 2 to 12. For every question, you have 6 seconds to answer and in between the questions, there is a 3-second rest.
(there is no paper version)
Questions about the 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 times table come up more often. The questions are generated randomly based on the rules of the MTC.

Once the test is completed the results page can be viewed with statistics showing each times table completed through the players' results. To receive a copy please email us and we will forward these over to you.


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Each school can choose the device type – tablet or computer (there is no paper option) – pupils will use to complete the check. Instant recall of times tables facts is essential in other areas of maths where children need to know their times' tables instantly, without having to spend time calculating.

Children take different amounts of practice to achieve this and, in school, the time is not always available for those children who need more practice than others to get to the same level of fluency.

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1. prince reached 100% in 00:01:39

2. adam reached 100% in 00:01:39

3. adam reached 100% in 00:01:40

4. GIGACHAD ADAM reached 100% in 00:01:40

5. Adam y4 reached 100% in 00:01:40

6. miqdam reached 100% in 00:01:42

7. prince reached 100% in 00:01:42

8. prince reached 100% in 00:01:42

9. miqdam reached 100% in 00:01:43

10. maysam reached 100% in 00:01:43


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